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                                 VISION OF A LIBERATED WORLD
                                                      By: Kassim Ahmad

                                                      7th September, 2017

   As I waved my hand bidding goodby to my parents, uncles and aunties very many years ago on the train platform in Alor Setar, I distinctly saw on my venerable mother’s face (who did not understand why I had to go so far) as if she was saying I would do something great. For the most part of my adult life, I am conscious of a mission, although at times I was mad enough to want to be poor!
   In the Malayan University in Singapore, I joined the leftist socialist club and later joined the people’ party of Ahmad Boestamam, and quickly became its leader for 18 years! Somehow or other I did not feel real about the power and success of socialism. It was simply to identify myself with the poor to whom I belong.
   I was therefore critical of things I inherited from my ancestors. The first scholar I critisied was Imam Shafi’e for his TWO PRINCIPAL SOURCES (Quran and Hadis). The book  Hadis - Satu Peniliai Semula in 1986  became the topic of discussion for two months, half opposed and half supporting me. After two months it was banned.
   The book was soon translated into English and Arabic, resulting in several Muslim authorities (Turkey, Saudi’s Fahd and Indian Muslim scholar in UIA) following suit.   
    I did not look back after this, strictly following the Quran and all other teachings must go to the criticism of the Quran. My critical view of the Hadis brought people from all over Malaysia to visit me and hear from my own lips in 2014. Truth to tell, all of them without exception agreed with me.
   However, the religious authorities did not like it. They arrested me for “dishonoring Islam” (Malay: “Menghina Islam”). I was cleared in both civil and syari'ah courts at the highest levels. God be praised!
   Coming to my vision of a liberated world, I am sure that it can be realized. Firstly, it is in accord with the teachings of the Quran, God’s final scripture, the only scripture that is protected by God. A vision based on this scripture must of necessity be realized.  
KASSIM AHMAD  is a Malaysian author. His website is

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