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By: Kassim Ahmad
27th March, 2016

            I looked up all references and listened to all expert commentators on the subject, yet I failed to get a satisfactory answer. In this essay, I shall try to probe the matter.
There are some telling clues. Firstly, the perpetrators claim to represent Islam. Secondly, the targets are all Western countries whose populations are mostly Christians (United States, France and Brussels ), Thirdly, the latest targets were the Christian minority community in Pakistan.
Fourthly, look at present-day Iraq. It is chaos-in-chief, consequent upon three American-led coalition of 33 countries’ invasions of that country, thanks to the inducement by British Empire-created Irael (in  the midst of Arab countries) and imperial Iran. Remember Iraq was the home of the first human civilization, dating from Prophet Abraham in Ur of 5000 years ago.
Iraq and Syria, two ancient civilizations, is said to be the home of “Islamic State”, carrying the banner of Allah and Muhammad, a clearly mistaken banner.  The true banner of Islam is that of One True God, the God of all the peoples, Jews, Christians, Muslims  and others -- all believers in monotheism, openly declared or kept secret.
All these clues point to a long conflict extending from 15th Century up to the present between Muslims and Christians.
Further, do not forget the Western crusades against Islam. There were nine crusades altogether, extending from 1095 of the first crusade, to 1271 of the ninth crusade. The crusades were ordered by the various popes who were then also kings sitting on the thrones of Medieval Europe.
The crusaders’ purpose was to retake the holy city of Jerusalem, which the Muslims conquered from the Byzantine Empire.  Jerusalem is known as Baitul-Maqdis to the Muslims, also one of their holy cities.
All these acts of Muslim violence against the Christian West, starting from the 9/11 attack on the New York World Trade Centre, through Paris, Brussels and the Christian community in Pakistan, must be looked upon as a whole as Muslim revolt against the Christians. As can be seen, it has a long history, from 16th Century colonization of the Malay World, including the Philippines, most of which it has christianised, up to the 18th Century.  In the 18th Century European colonialism awakened Asian nationalism, resulting in new independent nation-states. But nation-states cannot unite the world that has become interconnected into a Global Village.
We need a philosophy, a new world-view for our interconnected world. As Islam is a “revolutionary, life-affirming and death-defying” world-view, as I have defined it in another location, that must have been the basis and reason for the rise of the “Islamic State” movement.  
That being so, what solution can we offer to resolve this deep psychological-cum-physical conflict? Let us ask ourselves what type of world we want to see emerge for our and for future generations. Surely a peaceful, secure and just world.
What type of world do we have now?
Firstly, it a non-Muslim dominated world. It is ruled by two non-Muslim blocs led by two self-appointed superpowers, the United States of America and the Russian Federation. Be it noted that they are both Christian. It is neither peaceful, nor secure, nor just. The Sword of Democles hangs over us. It is imperative the justice-loving peoples of the world must change it before we commit ourselves to a mutually-assured self-destruction!
The West for all its physical and apparent mental might – can it face this this challenge of “insane’ violence? Certainly it cannot. But the West is too proud to admit defeat, although defeated it will be. “Islamic State” violence in increasing by the day, as all can see. But even Muslims cannot tolerate this violence commited in the name of Islam. It is not Islam’s solution. (When I speak of Islam I means the Islam of all prophet-messengers from Adam to Muhammad, including Abraham, Moses and Jesus.
Thus both the Christian West and the Muslims must come to an amicable agreement in order to bring about a peaceful, secure and just world.  Firstly, the Christian West must openly apologize for their colonization of the world and pay token compensation. (Who has evaluated the costs in lives and property of colonialism and imperialism?) Secondly, all countries, Muslim and non-Muslim, which have been the victims of colonialism must openly forgive their colonisers and agree to live in peace with the countries that had colonized them. Thirdly, the non-Muslim superpower blocs, including and especially the so-called U.N. self-appointed Security Council must be democratized. Fourthly,  all countries must renounce and destroy all weapons of mass destruction. Fifthly, the “Islamic State” violence  and terror must cease immediately. Sixthly, all countries, big and small, must undertake to live in peace with one another, solve all their differences and conflicts peacefully, and cooperate and help one another to progress in all fields of human endeavour.
All these must be in the United Nations Charter, among others that are universal human rights.
Then a peaceful, secure and just world will come into being, and a new chapter in human life in this Universe will begin.

KASSIM AHMAD is a Malaysian author. His website is   



Unknown said...

Sixthly, all countries, big and small, must undertake to live in peace with one another, solve all their differences and conflicts peacefully, and cooperate and help one another to progress in all fields of human endeavour. THIS SHOULD BE FIRST

Kassim Ahmad said...

That is what I said. All Judeo-Christian countries that had colonised the Muslim world and launched crusades against them mus make an open apology and pay token compensation, destroy all weapons of mass destruction and democratise the United Nations.