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                                                                GOD'S BOUNDARIES
                                                                    By: Kassim Ahmad
                                                                        11 June, 2017

   The Quran mentions the phrase God's boundaries several times. Since Man first appeared in the world a million years ago, the world changed in accordance with his wishes, mistakes or no mistakes. In another location, I have written about the many mistakes man makes. When the last of the prophet-messengers was sent to the world between 610-632 A.D. -- he was called by God, "a mercy to the world", because he delivered the profound Quran to the wold. In fact, the Quran is said to be the "words of a noble messenger". When he received the Quran, he was under inspiration. Inspiration equals revelation.
   It was reported that Muhammad had 40 writers. Whenever a revelation came to him, those present of the 40 writers, including himself, would write down the Quran. The tradition the he was illiterate is false, since he was sent by a prominent and rich lady in Mecca (Khatijah) later to be married to him,  to trade. A businessman must be able to count and therefore read and write. His companions, Abu Bakr, Omar, Uthman and Ali were litertate Khatijah later proposed to him and lived a happy monogamous happy marriage of 25 years.
   The phrase "God's boundaries" does not refer to what some Muslim scholars called "fixed punishments" A crime takes place under all sorts of circumstances. A man may steel money to buy milk for his daughter. One cannot punish this man as he can a habitual robber. The phrase refers to an action that is balanced. A person must eat; but he should not overeat  He must sleep, but he cannot oversleep. He must work, but he cannot overwork, and so on. That is what it means
   It is amazing how scholars can err. Therefore never deify so-called great people. Use your critical thinking. God gives you a mind that is placed at the top of your person, and covered in a hard cover. Think!

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