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                                                             TWO TYPES OF ISLAM
                                                                  By: Kassim Ahmad
                                                                      9th June, 2017

   Do not be mistaken. There are two types of Islam, one that we inherited from our ancestors, and the true one that is taught in God's final scripture, the protected Quran. No scripture could be protected before this -- man's  scientific,knowledge has not attained that stage as yet. Therefore all scriptures before the Quran have been tempered with.
   Even the Quran has been tempered with! See how the Devil works? Surah Al-Bara'ah (9) originally has 127 verses. During the time Uthman (third califh), a commision was set up to check the Quran, his order being that two or more witnesses must confirm each verse. One of the commission's members, Khuzaimah, suggested to credit the Prophet by adding two more verses to this Surah, i.e. 128 and 129. The original Quran ended at verse 127.
   This is confirmed by history. Hafsah's copy of the Prophet's own manuscript that he wrote himself was ordered to be burnt by later caliph, Marwan! If the revised copy was the same as the Prophet's copy, why was the order made? Note that Surah 9, does not begin with the usual basmallah . The All-knowing God knew that this chapter was going to be tempered with; He therefore withheld His stamp of approval. This was not to be known for centuries until Dr. Rashad Khalifa discovered the awesome Code 19. The discovery of this code contained in Surah 74, verse 30 so encouraged Dr. Kalifa that he claimed himself to be messenger of the covenant, which was to be Prophet Muhammad. The context of verse proves this.
   I happened to know Dr. Khalifa and I dissuaded him from making the claim, telling him over the phone. if that were true, to let God Himself show it. He failed to take my advice, leading him to be stabbed to death! I happend to see that Dr Khalifa was prone be egoistical. So in my prayers I always pray that I am protected from that weakness. 
   The other Islam is the true Islam to be found in the Quran. The Prophet was strongly warned by God not to initiate any other teaching than the Quran. (See Surah 69, verses 38-48), thus rendering the so-called hadiths as fabrications tied to the great name of the Prophet.
   Strangely, of late someone has began a movement called the Quran-hour. Although I should welcome it, I am a bit scaptical. I would rather begin a Quran academy, training hundreds of students the methodology of Quran study so that in a few years we may have many, many proficient students of the Quran. The students must of course study classical Arabic. I studied Arabic at the university as a subsidiary subject..
   It has been said that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Yet all over the world, the call to prayers is made, although there is no need to now since we know the times of prayers. Worse they repeat the so-called second syahadah against the clear prohibition in the Quran (see Surah 63, verses 1-2). Prophet Muhammad, the last prophet bringing the last divine scripture to the world, was only one of 25 prophets mentioned in the Quran. The ones that are not mentioned must number thousands, since every community was sent a prophet-messenger to deliver God's teachings. .
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