Monday, July 25, 2016


By: Kassim Ahmad
24th July, 2016

            After the indirection mention of his name with two others related to him by the United States Department of Justice two days ago, it is best that Prime Minister Najib honourably resigns. There can be no use whatsoever for him to continue to hold office, seeing the financial scandals that have surfaced involving him and his cronies. He should own up and ask for forgiveness from the Malaysian people. The Malaysia people are known for their magnanimous treatment of repentant wrongdoers.
            The UMNO supreme council should call into session an extraordinary UMNO general assembly which will accept his resignation and recommends the calling of the 14th general elections. Our Parliament should convene and call for the general election.
            An UMNO general assembly should also elect new delegates and a new supreme council. This new general assembly should pass a resolution to root out corruption completely from the party and the government. If Singapore can do it, why cannot we?  A system of cadre-and-leader training must be instituted to bring about a zero corruption system by giving rise to principled politicians. Our people must not and should not accept less than that. We should base ourselves on the shining example of Prophet Muhammad, the leader who wrought an exemplary vessel of statecraft.
            Our Federal Constitution should be changed to reflect a just system of governance, as ordered by God in the Quran. This would better suit our constitutional stipulation that “Islam is the religion of the Federation.” With due respect to the famous jurists of the Reid Commission which drafted our constitution, they seemed unaware of the Prophet’s seminal constitutional document, known as the Medina Charter, the first written constitution in the world.[1]
            It should be noted that the Medina Charter assigns the autonomous administration of religions to their respective its adherents, thus at one stroke of the pen eliminates religious conflicts. The state does not concern itself with religion.
            Government, as are other affairs,  is carried out through consultation by the community. This is far more satisfactory than the Western concept of check and balance. It is strange that the two hand that God gave us is made to fight one another! Why can they cooperate to enjoin good and prevent evil? More over this check-and-balance theory has not been able to prevent the rise of colonialism and the creation of the Zionist State of Israel, a clear illegal and unjust occupation of Arab Palestine. 
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[1] See Kassim Ahmad,A Short Note on the Medina Charter, in the Internet, 19 Org.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


By: Kassim Ahmad
21 July, 2016

The title of this essay will no doubt bring to mind Jesus’s “The Lord’s Prayer”. The Lord’s Prayer goes: “Our Father which art in heaven./Hallowed be thy name./Thy kingdom come./Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven./Give us this day our daily bread./And forgive us our debts, as we forgive out debtors./And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil./For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen./ [1]
Note that the Lord’s Prayer is in three parts. Firstly, it is praise to the Lord. Secondly, it refers to the Lord’s perfect kingdom. Thirdly,  asking  for man’s daily food. Fourthly, imploring against evil and temptation in the Lord’s perfect  kingdom.
In comparison to the opening chapter of the Quran, which I have called “Mankind’s Grand Prayer”, it is divided into four parts. Firstly, it is praise for the Lord of the worlds (Note the plural form).  Secondly, it acknowledges that this Lord is the final Judge of mankind. Thirdly, only this Lord deserves to be worshipped and only this Lord is mankind’s helper. Fourthly, it is mankind’s  prayer to be shown the right path as distinguished from the various deviating paths of error. [2]
Let me quote the this short seven-verse opening chapter in full, using Dr. Rashad Khalifa’s translation:-
1.     In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
2.     Praise be to God, Lord of the universe.
3.     Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
4.     Master of the Day of Judgment.
5.     You alone we worship; You alone we ask for help.
6.     Guide us in the right path;
7.     The path of those whom You bless; not those who have deserved wrath, nor of the strayers.
There is also a very important difference. The stark materialism of the Lord’s Prayer is entirely absent from this Mankind’s Prayer, at once placing it on a more ethical and spiritual level. Food and other material requirement are implied in the fourth part.  The deviating ways are quite clearly spelt out: the path of those whom God is wrathful with, and those who stray without meaning to stray.
Quranic methodology is that every verse interprets one another. At the same time, one should note a very important pointer: the muhkamat verses (clear by themselves and acting as the determining verses), and the mutasyabihat or allegorical verses. The danger in the allegorical verses is that those who have diseases in their hearts may give a wrong interpretation and thus cause confusion and disorder. None knows their meanings except God and those who have profound knowledge. The meanings of the allegorical verses must not contradict the clear (muhkamat) verses, which control the interpretation of the allegorical verses.
I have had occasions to discuss with religious scholars as to the meaning of the right path in contradistinction with the erring paths. I find that they were unable to give me a satisfactory answer. That sets me to seek my own answers. I prayed to God and implored His guidance to give answers to the most important  questions of life and of creation, always mindful that among my many teachers, God is the first and last teacher.
Fortunately, I studied philosophy. So I consulted epistemology, the science of knowing – how do you know? As always the case, the Quran nonchalantly answers by giving the three methods of knowing: ‘ain’ul-yaqin (sensory evidence), ilm’ul-yaqin (rational or logical evidence), and haqq’al-yaqin suprasensory/ supralogical  evidence). Combine these three methods into a whole and you have opened the door to inexhaustible knowledge!
That is the reason why the angels were ordered by God to prostrate to Man, His vicegerent in the Universe. Man has the ability to know when no other created orders have.

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[1] See The Holy Bible (Authirise King James Version); Matthew, 6: 9-14.
[2][2] See The Quiran – The Final Testament, Translated by Dr. Rahsd Khalifa, published by Universal Unity, 20000.  

Saturday, July 02, 2016


By: Kassim Ahmad
2nd July, 2016

            The syahadah or the declaration of Muslim faith is an important pillar of faith. Customs or what one inherits from one’s ancestors is almost always different from what is taught by God and his Prophet. This pillar is stated in Surah 3, verse 18. The full verse goes, “God bears witness that there is no god except He, and so do the angels and those who possess knowledge, truthfully and equitably; He is the absolute god, there is no god but He, the Almighty, Most Wise.”
Among the sectarian Sunnis, they add: “I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of God.” This so-called second syahadah is, however, rendered null and void in Surah 63: verse 1 by God and His messenger. Those who declare it are hypocrites!
            To prove that what we say is correct, we have to quote other verses. One of them goes, “When God alone is mentioned, the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter shrink with aversion. But when others are mentioned besides him, they rejoice.” (39: 45). More. “You shall know that there is no god besides God.” (47: 19). Also 4: 87; 40: 65; and 27: 44 (syahadah of the Queen of Sheba[1]. Also the correct syahadah of the Pharaoh of the time of Moses, but was not accepted by God as he was doing that only when he was drowning! (10: 9). Also the sincere syahadah of Pharaoh’s magicians (7: 121-122) when they lost their contest with Moses; and the syahadah of Abraham and his descendants. (2: 131-133).
            So was all Jewish prophet-mesengers’ declaration of faith. Had it been different, it would have made Islam not one religion, but many. This is impossible.
            Yet, truth to tell, the entire Muslim world practices two syahadah. Or most Muslims do. They read the same scripture, the Quran, but their understanding of this most important pillar of faith is different. How do you account for it? The answer is contained in verse 2 of the second Surah. The verse goes, “ This is the scripture, no doubting it, is a guide for the conscientious.” Who can give guidance? Only God can, and no one else; not even Prophet Muhammad. Recall that Muhammad was unable to persuade his Quraisy unbelieving relatives to become Muslims!
            I want to pose the mother of all questions. Thirty years after Muhammad’s death, the Arab armies of liberation liberated the whole of the then hegemonic powers, the Persian and the Byzantian Empires. Islam became the lone superpower, to last for eight centuries. Medieval Europe sat to learn at the feet of Baghdad for three centuries. [2] That gave rise to the European Renaissance.
            My mother of all questions is: Have any modern Muslim thinkers tackled the problem of the second rise of Islam( the true Islam, that is)? I would like to meet him, congratulate him and to propose to him to begin the second Islamic Renaissance. It is high time, seeing that liberal-capitalist Europe and America are collapsing.  

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[1]  We searched high and low, but unable to locate the place.
[2] Unfotunately, most European historians, except a few, conspired to erase this important contributions of Muslims to world science and civilization. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


By: Kassim Ahmad
30 Jun, 2016
            A Pahang State Mufti, prime minister Najib’s home state, made a statement two days ago that kafir harbi (a disbeliver making war on Islam) can be killed in Malaysia, has been denounced by Muslims and non-Muslim alike. We Malaysians of whatever ethnic or religious group have been living fairly peacefully since Malaysia was formed in 1963. None of us wants a repeat of the bloody Mei 13.
            That said, the Mufti has no right to make such statement. He should be fired. The Mufti of Perlis, Datuk Mohd. Asri has rightly refuted him. Yet our religious minister did not censor him. After keeping quiet for a while, the prime minister’s office then came out saying that it was his personal opinion!
            It is a very dangerous statement. It shows a bigotry beyond belief. It transpired that he did so because the party opposed the so-called hudud penal punishments.  I have used the term “so-called” because there is no such thing as hudud penal punishments in the Quran. The phrase tilka hudud’ul-Lah, occurring 14 times in the Quran, does not refer to punishments at all. It refers to a theoretical boundary in human actions that should not be overpassed. One must eat in order to live; but one should not over-eat! Thus for eating, so for all human actions. It is the old Golden Mean. “Do unto others as you would others do unto you”, of the Bible.
            There are two types of politicians: the principled, and the Machiavellian. Prophet Muhammad is one example of a principled politician. And principled politicians are a rare breed. The Machiavellian are many. So beware of them. They think they are smart, but as the Malay proverb has it, :”Sepandai-pandai tupai melopat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga.” So man, however famous and great he may be, should be learn to be humble. There is no one higher than the Highest Power we call God, Who alone deserved to be worshiped.
            It is true that man has been created to be God’s vicegerent on earth. That means he is a ruler. As much as he is a ruler, he is also a re-maker of the Universe, by God’s leave. Remember that when God informed the angels that he was going to creates a khalifah, the dutiful angels protested, saying that they would shed and blood and corrupt the earth.
            God simply answered He knew better.
            Shedder of blood and corruptor of the earth man surely has been. But that is only one side of him – with two World Wars, and a possible Third to show. Yet he has also been a builder of civilizations – 19 major ones to date, according to philosophical historian, Arnold Toynbee.  
            Today man is poised to colonize outer space. Soon he will be living there. He also discovering methods to do away with aging. Soon he will be forever young, as the Quran avers.  What else he can do with ever better technology, only God knows. No wonder, God commanded the angels to prostrate to man!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


By: Kassim Ahmad
28 Jun, 2016

            By right, UMNO’s General Assembly should be called into session every year for delegates to listen to reports by the president and other officials, and for delegates to offer their criticism and views. It is the highest policy-making body of the party. But the General Assembly has not met for a long time. Power now resides exclusively in the hands of the supreme council, a tiny fraction of the general assembly!
            Surely, this is a precursor to dictatorship, and a dictatorship Najib’s supreme council has become. Down below people are groaning from all types of sufferings: falling ringgit and consequent high-priced goods. This is not to mention extreme poverty, loss of jobs, poor infrastructure giving rise to floods, deaths and accidents on our highways. We have one of the highest death-rate on our highways!
            That is the price we are paying for bad governance.
            How long will Malaysians suffer in silence? Non-loyal officials get sacked, the deputy president and deputy prime minister among the glaring ones. The former prime minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir, adivised Najib to no avail. He toured the country with his Citizens’ Declaration and spoke until his throat became hoarse!
            How long will Malaysians suffer in silence? With such scandles as 1MDB and others, and with lavish spending by cronies – how long will Malaysians suffer in silence?
            I hope our UMNO president and prime minister will listen to the cry of the masses. I hope he will call an UNMO general assembly. I hope the delegates will call an UMNO general assembly.
            Before it is too late!

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Saturday, June 25, 2016



By: Kassim Ahmad
10th June, 2016

            Yesterday I saw a documentary “The Theory of Everything”, featuring the life of the famous British physicist and cosmologist, Stephen W. Hawking. Although early in life he suffered from a certain disease, he has spent his entire adult life up to the  present,  investigating the workings of the Universe. His conclusions are that the Universe came  into being and evolved by itself, and hence there is no need for a creator-god to create it.
            His political views are interesting. He is a leftist. He denounced the Vietnam War, the invasion and conquest of Iraq and he supports the Palestinian people. Religiously he proclaims himself as an atheist, although in that documentary, when asked by a man in the audience whether he now believes in God or not, he kept silent for a while before stating, “As long as there is life, there is hope,” evading to answer the question, but the audience nevertheless applauded him.
            What might he mean by that? Has he reconsidered his erstwhile atheism? Only Hawking and God know.
            I am somewhat perplexed by his definite declaration of atheism. As a physicist, he knows that nothing happens by itself. Someone must do something for an effect to take place. For instance, I must have an intention to write this article, before this article can come into being. It cannot come into being before I carry out this intention. Then there will be effects on readers; then these effects will cause my replies, and so et infinitum.
So some power must have created this Universe, although we did see him doing it. This Universe, being made up of matter, will in time decay and get destroyed when the energy in it has all been used up. This is simple logic. How can genius Stephen Hawking not see it?
            Now come the difficult part – the Uncaused Cause, in the phraseology of the philosophers. Who or what causes the Uncaused Cause? To answer this question, we have to go back to the science of knowing. How do we know? In philosophy it is called epistemology.
            Epistemology consists of three phases.  Firstly, the physical evidence. Lets us say you are holding a pencil in your hand. This is witnessing by the sensory organs: you see a pencil with your eyes and feeling it in your hand. Then you ask: where does the pencil come from? You answer: it comes from a craftsman who  makes it in a factory. How do you know this? By logical deduction. Logical evidence is thus the second phase.
            The last phase, you ask: where do the craftsman and the factory come from? The answer: the earth, the world or the Universe. This answer is not yet complete. You go on to ask: where does the Universe come from? The atheists the like of genius Stephen Hawking proudly answers: The Universe exists by itself, thus breaking the physical law they so proudly uphold. In other words, the atheists know only partially. They do not hold the whole truth.
            What is the whole truth? The whole truth consists of three parts: the sensory, the logical, and the suprasensory or supralogical. The suprasensory or supralogical is not contradictory to the sensory or the logical. It is the higher sense, and the higher logic. It stands by itself. Thus the unseen power behind the Universe is the Truth with a capital T. Truth stands by itself. Truth is Self-Existing, by which all things exist,  the Necessary Being of philosophy, the Universe being contingent upon the Necessary Being that we call God.
            How do we know this? Look at ourselves. What is the power that sustains me writing this article out of nothing? It is what is called the soul, the consciousness. Can you spot where your soul or your consciousness is in your body? The answers is: No. Yet without it, I cannot write this article. I cannot think. I cannot create. We cannot create civilizations. Thus is this power we call God. Without this Self-Existing Necessary Being there will not be this Universe. Yet this Universe is material and will collapse upon itself when the energy in it is exhausted, just as the lights in our homes will go out when our electricity supply is cut off. This, again, is simple logic. Is it not amazing that genius Hawking cannot understang it?  
Thus is the fate of the Universe many billions of years to come. When the energy in it is no more, it will collapse upon itself, leaving only the face of God, as the Quran states. (Quran, 28: 88 & 55:26-27).
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Friday, June 17, 2016


BY: Kassim Ahmad
17 Jun, 2016

            PAS President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang’s Private Member’s Bill to enhance the statuts of syaria’h courts is bound to raise many problems. God’s law, i.e. the syari’ah, is of course just, tending towards mercy, for He decrees upon Himself mercy. The trouble comes when it gets translated into the human brain.
Let us do some syllogism here. Call the human brain subjectivity, and God’s law objectivity. Almost always subjectivity distorts objectivity to become something else: unjust and lacking in the quality of mercy. We will give three examples.
Take the case of Prophet Moses’s scripture, the Torah. It was monotheism of his time taught to the Israelites. Once it was born into the world of men, it became polytheistic Judaism! Take the case of Prophet Jesus’s scripture, the Injeel  or the New Testament. It was monotheism taught to the Israelites of Jesus’s time. Once it was born into the world of men, it became polytheistic Christianity! Do not stop there. Go on to Prophet Muhammad. He taught monotheism in his scripture, the Quran, to the whole world. After about three hundred years, his monotheism too became polytheistic Sunnism!
Fortunately here, we have the protected Quran to refer to.
See how humans beings revert to his old comfortable zone of mud! He likes to wallow in mud, instead of climbing the ladder of success, becaue climbing the ladder of success is hard. The explains the many prophets that God has to send to them, to reawaken them from their sleep!
This is a slippery slope. One can ask: Is God so incapable that he cannot send one prophet to do the job? In fact, one of my clever readers in Dato’ Din Merican’s blog asked precisely this question. Well, let us say that God cannot fail. If he fails he is not god. God wants man to be the ruler of the Universe that he is. To make man free. To rule the Universe and re-make it. That is man’s God-given mission. So he must keep ascending the ladder always. But man, being weak of flesh, cannot. Therefore he must keep trying until he completely succeeds.
And he will. Look at where he is now. In spite of shedding blood in two bloody World Wars, he is poised to colonize outer space and live there in two or three decade, at most four. It will definitely be in my grandchildren’s time!
So the ifs of Syari’ah Law must be removed once and for all by its return to its original home: Divine justice and mercy. Will village preacher Hadi understand this? If he cannot, and he cannot, I ask him to give up tabling that private member’s Bill.


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