Thursday, December 22, 2011

ISLAMIC RENAISSANCE -- A NEW ERA HAS STARTED, 254 pp.Published by Brainbowpress, U.S.A.,2012. May be purchased online at the Amazon.

By: Kassim Ahmad

This book will be launched on Sunday 8th Jauary, 2012 at Armada Hotel, Petaling Jaya, God-willing. -- K.A.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction,
2. Pointer from the Opening Chapter,
3. Definition of Divine Unity,
4. Idolatory and Its Implications for Human Society,
5. Religions in History,
6. Components of Religion,
7. Metaphors and Allegories,
8. God, the Pure Spirit, and Man, the Homo Sapiens
and Divine Vicegerent,
9. The Individual and the Collective,
10. The Problem of Creation
11. The Divine Method,
12. The Problem of Evil,
13. The Problem of Freedom and Determination,
14. Prophecy, Prophets and Miracles,
15. Muhammad and the Era of Internationalism,
16. The Noble Quran,
17. The Problem of Prophetic Traditions,
18. Shari’ah – Not a Divine Law,
19. Mysticism – a Deviation from the Straight Path,
20. The Non-Abrahamic Line: Other Scriptures,
21. The Straight Path,
22. Malays, Malaysians and the Promise of a New Malacca,
23. The Scientific Method,
24. Demythologization and Secularism,
25. The Great Deterioration and the Necessity for Perpetual Renewal,
26. The “Second Coming”,
27. Judeo-Christian Plot Against Islam
28. The Fall of Empires, and the Law of Replacement,
29. Peaceful Co-existence of Religions,
30. Science, Philosophy and Religion,
31. A Life of Success and Happiness,
32. A New Just World – Paradise on Earth,
33. God’s Grand Plan: Triumph of the Religion of Truth,
34. Conclusion.

Select Bibliography

1. Spread of Islam
2. Origin of Malay polity
3. Malacca Empire

1. Time line: Development of Civilization.
2. The Evolutionary Tree.



Anonymous said...

Happy holidays n avery happy new year Pak Kassim n Kak Fuziah.Semuga panjang umur n murah rezki always.


Terribly disappointed said...

I've just finished your book.

However I'm sorry. It's too repetitive. Too much self-proclaims 'truths'.

It even doesn't merit a review from my part. The book was a lost buck.

Perhaps I've been expecting too much from the book, thus my critics above.

Anyone who are looking forward to buy Islamic Renaissance, regardless its overinflated title, does better by lending it from someone else first.

I'm sorry Mr Kassim. It was a disappointing one.
I wish I could be more objective but even that, the book doesn't deserve it.

Kassim Ahmad said...

Dear "Mr Teribly Disappointed";
1. I am sorry to disappoint you. Did you read the same book that I am referring to?
2. You have a right to your opinion. However, I do not think I have done all that bad!
3. You obviously are dwelling in a different philosiphical world - a world of scepticism, nay of nihilism, where truth does not exist.
4. I codially invite you to review the book, so I can conduct a civilized reasoned debate with you. Then readers can see who is talking rubbish!
5. Without wanting to boast, I can say that I have never written on any subject which I did not do a thorough research into.
6. Did you read the book carefully to sincerely understand, or with hatred in you heart to dinigrate and condemn the author?

Kassim Ahmad said...

For "Terribly Disappointed",
1. Further to what I said yesterday, I now challenge you to reveal your true identity. Do not hide behind a pen-name to throw dirt at other writers whom you happen not to like.
2. If you do not reveal your real identity by return, then you are a coward and a cheat! You are driven by jealousy and hatred. You are not worth my time. I shall not engage with you anymore.

mrB said...

Salam Pak Kassim,

1) E-mel yahoo itu yg terbaru ke?

2) Saya harap karya selanjutnya seperti terjemahan Quran akan di review dan di edit oleh editornya utk mengelakkan salah taip ejaan.

MrB said...


Pak kassim ini "darul_hikmah33[at]" emel terbaru ke, atau yg lama di streamyx masih diguna?

Anonymous said...

you may love read this brother Kassim: