Monday, July 06, 2015


By: Kassim Ahmad
7 July, 2015

            The people of Greece, a member of European Union, was declared bankrupt, indebted to European usurers. Last Sunday (5th July) the Greek people voted against austerity demanded by the European Union. But the European Union could not care less, regardless of the cry of the Greek people.  Nothing chaged, stated the EU leaders, one and all.
            Such is the nature of usury. It has no mercy. It could not care less for the rich legacies of Ancient Greece. How many great philosophers, mathmaticians and  scientists Ancient Greece contributed to Western civilization. What a stingy and ungrateful  people Eropeans are!
            Do not forget that most European  historians have conspired to erase to the great debt it owed to Islam. When Erope was in its Dark Age, it came to Baghdad to learn at the feet of Muslim science.
            It was after the coming of Prophet Muhammad that the world entered the the Scientific Age with the divine order to read in the name of your Lord who created. How that divine order created a revolution! Since then the world has become one. Thus we want to remain the great Greek people that they one family with the rest of the peoples of the world. Please get out of the rut of Europe. You are one people with the rest of us.
            Islam for more than 1,400 years has declared war against usury. Come to us; perhaps we can help you. Do not be afraid to leave the European Union or the Eurozone. You are one human family with us outside the European Union. Please do not forget that. Your ancestors have done so much for science and  civilization that we are grateful to you and will help you in your hour of need.
KASSIM AHMAD is a Malaysian freelance writer. His website is www.kassimahmad.blogspot. com.      

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