Monday, January 11, 2016


By Airmail
7th January, 2016.

The Honourable
The Prime Minister of Turkey,

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,
            I would like to take this opportunity to offer your Government my highest appreciation and my most heartfelt congratulations for your Government’s courageous and extremely important Hadith Project. I wish it the greatest success.
            I want to suggest to you that you convene an international meeting of progressive Muslim Governments and scholars to discuss this important matter and agree on a common approach.
            I would like to inform you that in 1968 In wrote a book in Malay to call for a re-evaluation of the Hadith. The book has since been translated into English and Arabic. May I modestly claim that the book has had its effects? The Lord be praised!
            However, I note that the participants in the Hadith Project have shied away from dealing with the current obsession of Muslim women with their headscarf.  Please be informen that the woman’s hair is not part of her nakedness (Arabic: ‘aurat). (See Quran, 24: 30-31). In fact, the wearing of headscarf for women is to be found in the New Testament, 1 Corinthians, 11, 5. This false teaching has crept into the Hadith.
The Hadith is essentially fabrications by various groups and falsely ascribed to the great name of Prophet Muhammad. The Quran tells us that the only mission of Prophet Muhammad is to deliver the Quran to mankind.
            Yours sincerely,

            (KASSIM AHMAD)

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