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                                By: Kassim Ahmad                             
                                   7 April, 2017
It is now the season of Quranic recital in our beloved country of Master Jurist Imam Shafi’e’s TWO PRICIPAL SOURCES (Quran and Hadith). One god, it seems, is not enough. The reciter one after another is declaring his or her (with her hair properly covered up) devotion to the Quran! It seems they could not care less if they practice what they say. Its is hypocracy at its best or highest!
   I sat listening with sorrow. I am so angry  at this clever-clever ignorance that I wanted to challenge them to a debate. This I will surely do one day. That day will be soon, God-willing.
   One of my grand-daughters were staying with us. She is a first-year student in one of our many universities and having a two-week vacation. So I engaged her with some intellectual conversation. My questions were: (1) Why are Muslim nations now at far down the ladders of nations, when they were once at the top? (2) Why are they singing the Quran? Is the Quran a song book?
   Of course she knows the answers. I have briefed them all on all these matters, and more. She also knows that I will challenge the ulama, the non-existent priesthood of latter-day changed sectarian Islam.
   I am old, going to be 84 on September this year. But I am young in spirit, brimming with ideas. My wife sometimes chided me for doing nothing. When I am doing “nothing”, I am actually writing a new article in my head. I develyoped my liking for essay writing in my secondary school. At a young age I wrote for newspapers and magazines, and even debated on philosophical subjects.   I have written many books. I sometimes joked with my friends that had I lived in Europe, my book royalties would have made me a millionaire.
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