Sunday, March 30, 2008

Forum Iqra Berhad

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31 March, 2008

The Right Honourable Minister,

Department of Religious Affairs,

Government of the Republic of Turkey,



Dear Respected and Honoured Minister,

Assalamu ‘alaikum.

Project for the Revision of the Hadith

We write to congratulate and salute you for the above project which you have undertaken to do. We received this great news from a BBC report by Robert Piggott, dated 26th February, 2008.

I am President of the above organization in Malaysia, dedicated to calling Muslims back to the Quran, the true teachings brought by Prophet Muhammad from God, the All-Merciful. The so-called Hadith, officially enunciated and approved between 250-300 years his death, after Imam Shafi’e’s successful introduction of a new doctrine that makes it compulsory for Muslims to believe that Hadith are on par with the Quran.

Imam Shafi’e was a great jurist, but he was absolutely wrong on this. Nothing can compare with the Quran. It stands alone and above everything else as a divine guide for Muslims and for all mankind.

In 1986 I published a book in Malay where I argued for the re-evaluation of the Hadith. The book has been translated into English and can be downloaded from several websites. I have instructed my publisher at Masjid Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A. to send two complimentary copies to you. I hope you have received them.

We wish you a speedy and successful completion of this project. We are sure that it will bring the needed transformation of Islamic theology and bring Islam in line with the modern world. It would also contribute greatly to the solutions of the many intractable problems of the modern world.


Yours sincerely,

(Kassim Ahmad)

President Forum Iqra’ Bhd. Malaysia

H/P 012-4291152


Website: (a)


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