Sunday, July 16, 2017


                                                                 NO HANDSHAKING! IT IS FORBIDDEN!
                                                                                 By: Kassim Ahmad
                                                                                      17 July, 2017

   Some women and student-girls who visited me after my arrest by Jawi to find out my position on the hadith (recall a journalist who asked the deputy police inspector-general when he visited Kota Bharu, Kelantan, when he would arrest me -- imagine a citizen of Malaysia -- "head of the Malaysian anti-hadith movement" to be arrested!), refused to shake hands with me. Their reason: it is religiously forbidden. What is the proof? I am not sure. In the Quran there is the idiom, 'to touch your women', meaning to 'make love'. So this is the source! How misunderstanding a word can cause confusion!
   What exasperates me is that some religious scholars who appear on "Forum Perdana Ehwal Islam" make the mistake. Like the call to prayer, repeating the so-called second syahadah ("I testimy that Muhammad is the messenger of God") that is practised throughout the Muslim world! It would be tedious to repeat these mistakes if the face of the contrary taught by God in His last scripture to mankind, the Noble Quran. Likewise the wearing of the Muslim woman's tudung or full headscarft, which is traceable to the corrupted teachings of the Bible. Bless be God Who has sent us the protected Quran to confirm and supersede previous scriptures!
   Now hand-shaking is a sign of friendship, "glad-to-know-you" type of thing. It is common decantsy. It is to be welcome. How some of us have made it hedious!

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