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By: Kassim Ahmad

20 March, 2011

After Iraq’s illegal invasion in 2003, this is the second time that the Western neo-colonialists lauched a new adventure in a Muslim counrty, Libya. They already have two wars on their hands in Afghanistan and Iraq, and they want to have another. The reason: to prevent the Libyan leader, Muammar Gadaffi, from killing his own people, prohibited under the Universal Deaclaration of Human Rights.
The U.N. Security Council, which passed this resolution, was not unanimous, with two Permanent Members, Russia and China, abstaining. Significantly, the U.S. Defence Secretary, Robert Gates, strongly advised against this “No fly-zone resolution”. Also significantly, it was the British and French draft that the Security Council discussed and voted on. It is well-known that the British are past masters at colonialist manipulation. They manipulated the Americans to come to their aid against the Germans in World War II. They manipulated the so-called Cold war. They over-played their hands in the Suez crisis and were eased out of the colonial game by the now-eager Americans. Unrepentent, they are at it again now!
The Libyan leader, Gadaffi, termed this the “Second Crusade”, “illegal and immoral”, and vowed that the Libyan people will defend their country from this neo-colonial aggression.
I am no supporter of the Libyan leader. I hold firmly that the internal affairs of the Libyan people, such as who they should like for their leader, is strictly their bussiness. We have known colonialism and its many forms since the 15th Century. In spite of the fact that we are now living in the second deacde of the 21st Century, past several anti-colonial, anti-feudal revolutions, democratic revolutions and past the establishment of the august United Nations Organization, it seems we are not yet off the hook of old-fashoined colonialism! This naked colonial aggression is legalised by the most powerful Five Big-Power- dominated U.N. Security Council, the most undemcratic institution, in our post-feudal era.
What will happen?
A new coalition of Western Christian-and Arab Muslim big-power and not-so-big-power bullies, believing in old-fashioned “might is right” is hitting at a beleaguerd Muammar Gadaffi , who, a few weeks ago was unpopular with his people, is turning to be a hero? What a paradox? If I were to turn philosophial, I can say that life is indeed a paradox of living and dying and living again. But we are confronted with a great crisis. We have to do something.
Yet, what can Malaysia do? The faint-hearted among us will say, “We are a small country. We are a member of the United Nations. We must follow the United Nations.” Yet, the Security Council of the United Nations has erred -- yet again: should we blindly follow an error? Definitely not. We are duti-bound to “enjoin good and prohibit evil”, to use the inimitable words of the Quran.
Only recently our Prime Minister addressed the United Nations on the necessity for the global community to follow the middle road and to avoid extremes, the wastiah road. That was a good and bold speech coming from a small country. Smallness is not neccesarily a weakness. Bigness may even be. Truth lies with the righteous. Both Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad affirm this. What are Western Christians and Arab Muslims doing, acting the apposite?
There we have our answer to the question what we are to do now. We must, one and all, firmly oppose the neo-colonial adventure of the Western powers. All nations have the inalienable rights to decide their own internal affairs. The 21th Century must be freed from all forms of colonialism, oppression and slavery. We can do it. It is our duty do it.
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kaum oligarki imperialis barat tidak pernah alpa atau lupa dlm menjayakan hasrat mereka semenjak bermulanya pemerintahan berRaja..hanya melalui revolusi rakyat & kepimpinan yg tegas lagi adil, sesebuah negara akan maju & aman..Gaddafi tidak mewakili golongan progresif yg menitikberat Hal rakyatnya..Gaddafi bukan individu yg rasional, negaranya tidak maju walau dikurniakan banyak hasil bumi yg amat berharga..Gaddafi tidak menjadikan ilmu sebagai sesuatu yg wajib untuk rakyatnya..dlm dunia kini yg mejadi kerdil setelah munculnya Internet, informasi menjadi amat penting & mudah diperolehi oleg sesiapa saja..rakyat dapat membandingkan keadaan mereka dgn orang lain atau mengikuti maklumat dunia terkini..rakyat Libya merasakan diri mereka tertipu..hanya kaum keluarga Gaddafi & segelintir kawan2ny mendapat habuan negara selain anggota keselamatannya..negaranya tidak semaju Iraq sewaktu Saddam berkuasa..segala kehancuran & kedaifan di bumi arab yg kaya raya itu adalah akibat kebodohan para pemimpinnya yg telah berpecah dibawah telunjuk kaum oligarki barat ini..islam menyeru kpd kesatuan manakala kaum oligarki menyokong konsep pecah & perintah..kaum arab kebanyakannya akan musnah utk memberi ruang kpd kumpulan baru yg lebih dinamik & adil yg berpandukan sunnatullah yg sebenar melalui Quran